Best restaurant: This was Staten Island’s top spot in 2018

…And a big “thank you” to Brioso for doing all of that and more, keeping the old school restaurant tradition alive and well here on Staten Island.

Brothers Peter, Raphaele and Charlie DiMaggio celebrated the 20-year anniversary of their New Dorp location, a life span that’s a testament to their belief in the way professionally cooked food and the dining experience should be.

On any day of the week, homemade pappardelle, strand pasta, short rigatoni and hand-formed pointy-edged “picci” pasta tubes chill in Brioso’s walk-in refrigeration boxes. Separate pots simmer on the stove with beets and peeled potatoes. In another pot, baby octopus push up their purply suckers for a black ink treatment. Fish are trimmed and broken down for filet and stocks.

“Everything from scratch,” said Peter firmly with a nod on a recent weekday afternoon. The DiMaggio brothers opened this Brioso together after finding success in New Jersey in the early 1990s.

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